Are you having trouble with your skin and just can't find the right care for your face? Everything you've tried so far doesn't seem to work? We have the solution: The brand new skin analysis function from FIT & ALIVE Cosmetics.

FIT&ALIVE Cosmetics is known for combining natural ingredients with leading innovations in the cosmetics industry. Thanks to our innovative face scanning function, you can now easily, quickly and free of charge determine your individual skin type - and immediately see which FIT & ALIVE Cosmetics products can help you best. The best thing about it: you don't need an additional app. Just visit our website, perform the face scan, and you're done. Our goal is to end your search for the perfect skin care. Now you can pamper your skin optimally with facial care tailored to your needs.


Our goal is to help you find the right facial care for your individual skin needs quickly and easily. With our skin analysis function this is possible:

PRECISE – Our AI is extremely accurate and can process a wealth of information quickly. It detects skin details that are hidden from the naked eye.

INTELLIGENT – The best solution for your skin is based on facts! Artificial intelligence always makes objective decisions, which is less prone to errors.

INDIVIDUAL – A personalized skin analysis and advice is just a click away, perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

CONVENIENT – You don’t need a personal appointment on site for a professional skin analysis.

Free AI skin analysis is accessible anytime, anywhere. No app download required – just visit our website!


We understand how important your data is to you. Therefore, when determining skin type via app, we strictly adhere to the regulations of the European Data Protection Regulation. We do not trade your data or use it for unwanted purposes. Your information will only be used to determine your skin results and recommend suitable products. In addition, our partners contractually undertake to treat your data securely and responsibly in accordance with the regulations - without exceptions.


Our skin analysis function replaces conventional professional skin analysis devices. It is your beauty AI that can test and determine your skin type in real time thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Within a few seconds you will find out:

✓ your skin age
✓ which areas are normal, dry or oily
✓ how many wrinkles your skin shows

Once we have analyzed your skin type, the AI ​​will recommend the perfect skin care routine with suitable FIT & ALIVE products in a matter of seconds.
By the way: You will not only receive your results directly in the app, but also immediately by email.

All you need for your precise skin scan is a photo of your face from home. You can easily do this with your webcam or use an existing photo. Just make sure that the lighting is optimal, that no glasses or other accessories are in the way and, ideally, that no make-up is applied. The app can then determine the skin in real time.

And the best thing about it: our skin type test is free. You don't have any obligations, but you can order the optimal skin care recommended by FIT & ALIVE Cosmetics from the comfort of your own home directly in our online shop.

We look forward to helping you optimize your skincare routine and let your beauty shine!

Start your analysis!